It began with a love story. We met unexpectedly and soon realized that not only did we have a great  love for each other but a mutual love for music and art. We started to combine the two when Jeff wanted to give his old Partscaster a makeover by woodburning a paisley design on to it that I (Katie) had drawn.  Eager to make another, Jeff decided to sell his newly burned Partscaster so we could design and build one together. That's when his owl guitar, "Buho de Acero," was born. While touring with his band, Banditos, Jeff began receiving many inquiries about his guitar and that's when we decided that we needed to build a business.  We didn't want to just be all about woodburning and building guitars, so we decided that our business would include all types of wood working and burning. Combining pyrography and rose together, we decided on Pyrose Wood Works to be the name of our business.


Custom Burned art

If you do not play or need a guitar but want a piece of Pyrose artwork then you're in luck! We provide custom woodburning services for home decor. We mainly create wall art but we are very open to woodburn anything such as furniture, kitchenware, or whatever wood surface that you would like a design on. You can choose from one of our designs or we can design one for you. If interested in seeing the designs that we provide or if you know what you want, please contact us for a free consultation.

Custom Guitar Builders 

We Burn.

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What we do

We are all about working with you to design and build something that you will love. We mostly design and build guitars but we also provide services for any custom wood burnings for your home or a gift. Another service that we offer is custom designed and burned band merchandise FOR bands (see below for details). 

Let's talk! We'd like to get to know you to make your woodburning and/or guitar dreams reality. So, if interested, all you have to do is email us here to get started on your free, Pyrose Wood Works consultation.

our guitars

We are very passionate about our guitars! At Pyrose, we not only design and woodburn guitars, we build them specifically to your tone preference. The prices of our guitars vary, since they are all custom made. We build guitars from the ground up, or we can give your current instrument a makeover. For the guitars we build from scratch, we start off with a set price of $1500 and go up from there, after our free consultation with you. Each project is designed closely with the player so that we can help you realize your dream instrument. Send us a message here so we can get started on your project today!

Photo Courtesy of Johnnie Shaneyfelt